Planet 313 got some international exposure last week!

posted Feb 16, 2015, 11:09 AM by John Force

Dr. Janet Force with Bayer CropScience took some Planet 313 prototypes with her to Gent, Belgium, to be a part of team building activities for her teams at work.  Here is what she has to say about it!

 Last week was a wonderful opportunity to build trustful relationships with team members at work.  One of the activities was to have fun playing a board game together.  We selected the new, innovative game called Planet 313 by Roll For Surprise Games.  Our team of 13 people played the role of space explorers in an effort to be the first to colonize the new Planet 313.  Our team members learned to play the game quickly by using the Rules and Demo videos posted on the Roll For Surprise Games web page.  Feedback from the team was positive stating they found the game to be fun and exciting.  We are all looking forward to the commercial “launch” of this fun space game.