Metatopia 2013

posted Nov 27, 2013, 10:06 AM by John Force

It was exciting to go back to Metatopia.  We went there last year to see what this Board Game Designer Convention was all about.  We learned our ideas of designing board games are possible.  We also learned there are tools to get them to market.  Very exciting!!! 

This year we went armed with two games, Wheel of War and Planet 313 to be play tested.  It was both challenging and rewarding to see our games being played at their first convention.  The feedback we got was incredible. (Thanks to all the playtesters.)

What we learned about Wheel of War is that the mechanics and the theme have a disconnect.  We came back with pages of notes and five videos that captured all the input.  We are still exploring how to connect the ideas to make it a better game.  So, this game has been returned back to the drawing board to work out those details.

Planet 313 was also put under the magnifying glass to make some changes.  The input from the convention (three videos) was absolutely great.  We have reworked the mechanics and some of the cards.  Our preliminary tests show that these changes are HUGE!!!  The game is more fun than ever, and we will press forward with it to be our front runner for Kickstarter.

I cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate the input from all our playtesters!