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Kickstarter helps bring hundred of people together!

When people band together, pledging the various levels, allows for the accumulation of the funds from the many to be channeled to the creator of the project.  Now, the creator has enough funds to initiate the manufacturing process. 

While running the Planet 313 Kickstarter campaign I have ran across several folks that find it difficult to sign up onto the Kickstarter site and back the project. 

I wanted to make sure that we had a step by step to help these folks get onto the site and back our project.


These steps will get you signed up to support our project on 


When will my card be charged?

· If we do not reach the funding goal, your card will NOT be charged at all!

· If we reach the funding goal, your card will be charged the evening of the final campaign day or the day after. (depending on Amazon Payments approval backlog at the time.)

Who guarantees that the pledge level rewards will be fulfilled for Planet 313?

· John Force, CEO of Roll For Surprise Games™