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Key Contact

Call to be a Key Contact for Roll For Surprise Games™!

Hello there,    

 I know you have heard some rumblings of what John Force has been doing lately.  Yes, we are trying to get our game company off the ground.  Roll For Surprise Games™ has reached the point where we are ready to start the campaign to launch our first game.  Our first game is a fun space game that will get you laughing.

         Planet 313 is an exciting Space Race game that has you navigating the challenges of a rotating space environment, the ever present dangers of attacks from your opponents, and events that could help or hurt you.  Planet 313 is different from other games with its rotating rings of space and actions available even when it is not officially your turn.

This is a very exciting time for us, and we are looking to do a campaign to finance our project.  This is where you come in.  Many have expressed an interest in buying our game.  I would also like to ask some folks to commit to helping spread the word.  These folks would be considered a “Key Contact” for us.

What does it mean to be a Key Contact for Roll For Surprise Games™?

·         It is strictly as a volunteer.

·         Website Support –

o    Subscribe to the Press Release page on our website.

o    Like our Fan Page on Facebook.

o    Share our postings on Facebook with your Friends and even their friends.

o    If you use any other social media (Twitter, Google +, etc.), copy our posting and start new threads on your other media.

o    Go to Kickstarter when we launch and join our campaign to have Planet 313 made.

·         Email Support –

o    Look at your email contact list to see if any of them have family or friends, then send them emails,  send postings to them, and invite them to participate in our Kickstarter.  (Since Roll For Surprise Games™ believes quality time equals playing board games face to face, we believe you will be helping them with quality time with their family and friends.)

·         Physical Support-

o    If you know of any gaming stores in your area, you would pass me their information so I can contact them. Then, sometime during the campaign, you can stop by and ask them, “Are they supporting the Planet 313 kickstarter?”  (You would not make a sales call--only asking the question as one of their customers to reinforce interest and give them our flyer.)

If you would like to help us with our campaign and be a Key Contact, please email us at  (use “Call to Action” in the subject) stating you would like to participate; and, of course, ask any questions you might have.