About Us

We are a board game designing company.

Our Founder, John Force, has been playing games since a kid.  He thought of making his own games and bringing it to the marketplace in the 1990’s.  A grand dream to have.  Back then he didn’t have the resources to bring those dreams to life.  Instead he shared his games with family and friends while he built wonderful memories and lasting relationships.  Two decades later John is able to bring these games to more people like you!  He wants to share what made his life so rich over the years and help you experience the same fun, laughter, and friendships he has enjoyed by playing these games. Write him a note and let him know your story once you have played his games.  He will love it.

What Games are to us:

A safe place for people to be extraordinary and accomplish great things.

A fun place to learn math, reading, strategy, and relationship skills.

A special place for friends to share common experiences and learn how to laugh with each other, compete with each other, and strengthen their relationship.

Email:  RollForSurprise@Gmail.com

John Force CEO,  
Roll For Surprise Games, LLC
PO Box 662
Morrisville, NC  27560